Hi, I'm Jennifer and I'm a Speech Language Pathologist certified by the American Speech Hearing Association, with over 6 years+ experience in pediatrics across various settings (education, behavior, etc.)

I created Gem Speech Pathology as a play-based space that promotes individualism, self-expression, compassion and community; providing small-scaled services specifically tailored to every child & families needs.

What our clients are saying

"Jennifer is a great speech pathologist! My son was able to learn so much and felt comfortable with her. He loves her very much. She made the sessions very fun, often centering them around the things that my son loves. She took the time to learn about him and his interests, which made the sessions very harmonious in nature. My son has seen various speech pathologists, and Jennifer has been the best one by far!"

- R.C.

"Jennifer worked with my son since he was 2.5 years old. My son is very shy but quickly opened up to her! Progress was seen almost instantaneously and my son flourished with Jennifer! Because she would come to his school - she made sure to communicate with us every session and would send us videos of his progress and a little summary of how each session went. She would let us know what they were working on so we could supplement at home. Jennifer is amazing and I would recommend her to anyone!"

- O.B.

"Jennifer is dedicated and cares for her clients. She kept me up to date with my daughters training sessions and progress . She taught me the practices she used so that I can use them at home. Therapist that truly care about their clients are hard to find. 100% recommend!"

- Z.E.


The first step is a phone consultation with a speech therapist. They will recommend if an initial evaluation is appropriate for your child. To schedule this, use the link below.

Initial Evaluation

If deemed appropriate, onboarding documents will be sent. We will set up an appointment for a comprehensive speech and language evaluation to determine: baseline data including both strengths & areas of concern.

Therapy Plan

Based on evaluation, we will begin setting communication goals to address. This is where we collaborate to see what is most important for your child & family - every 6 months this is revisited.

Throughout the predetermined therapy period, your clinician will communicate progress updates and send home carryover material or exercises.